Frequently Asked Questions

General Pumping Questions

What makes the Fit different from the Z2

The Fit is like wearing a Z2 inside your bra. The same high-quality, hospital grade strength and anti-backflow protection you get from your Zomee breast pump is also part of the Fit design.

How do I get similar suction on my Fit as the Z2?

Nipple placement is everything - when pumping it is essential to mimic the deep latch when breastfeeding. To achieve this, lean forward and align the breast shield to the direction of your nipples when you are putting on your Fit. Make sure there is a proper seal around the nipple, and it feels secure.

Do I need a special bra for the Fit?

Wearing a supportive tight bra will ensure that your pumping sessions are comfortable and effective. Every bra has a different level of support, therefore make sure to get the compression right before each session. If you are using a more structured bra, try using the Bra Adjuster (included with your pump) to create more room.

Will the Fit be the right size for me?

Knowing the correct breast shield size makes pumping more comfortable and efficient. Use the nipple ruler that was included with your Zomee Fit, to determine your flange size. Each pump comes with a 25mm liquid soft silicone breast shield and pairs of both 17mm and 21mm breast shield inserts.

Does the Fit have different pumping modes?

Like the Z2, the Fit has 9 levels of Stimulation mode, 9 levels of Expression mode, and 9 levels of 2-Phase mode. When you turn on your wearable pump for the first time, it will automatically enter level 1 of Stimulation mode. The pump will automatically switch to Expression mode after 2 minutes of pumping. You can also manually press the mode button to enter Expression mode if your milk starts to flow earlier.

Can I get a Zomee Fit through insurance?

Many insurance companies will cover the cost of a Fit. We always recommend reaching out to your provider to see if you plan covers the entire cost, or if you can use your benefits toward the cost of the Fit. The good news is that the Fit is more affordable than the other wearable pumps on the market, which makes it a great choice.

Pump Troubleshooting Questions

How do I prevent leaking when using the Fit?

Check that the breast shield body is pushed all the way into the pump, making sure this is the last step when assembling your parts. It is also essential that the correct shield size is being used - if you are using the wrong flange or insert size, your breast may not lay securely against the flange and leaks may occur.

Do's and Dont's

-Make sure to empty or switch out the collection container when it become 2/3 full to prevent spill when transferring milk. 

-Check that your breast shield is positioned upright with the shield measurement on top.

-When attaching the collection container to the breast shield body, be careful not to twist too hard to prevent the seal ring from moving.

Warranty and Returns

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your Zomee purchase, please contact our customer support to see if you qualify for a refund. Because of the delicate nature of breast pumps, parts, and accessories – we cannot accept returns of used items. Once received, if we determine that the items are in their original packaging and unused, then we may issue a refund for the purchase amount. This is at our discretion and refunds will not include shipping costs.

What is covered under the Fit warranty?

Our warranty does not cover breast pump parts and accessories, on the breast pump motor. If you are still within the time period that your pump's model warranty covers, please submit a claim ticket.

-The Zomee Fit wearable breast pump has a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

-When submitting a warranty claim ticket, proof of purchase must be provided. This can be in the form of a receipt, invoice, or email.

-Your Zomee Fit is intended for a single user, and only the original owner qualifies for our warranty program.

-The Zomee warranty program does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, normal wear and tear, unauthorized repairs, or failure to follow written instructions for use.

Battery Care

How to charge before the first use

Before using your Fit for the first time, charge the pump unit for at least 2 hours. The battery icon will appear fully charged on the screen when done. Use the provided USB charging cable along with a certified 5V/2A power adapter to charge the pump. Please do not charge both pumps using the same AC wall adapter, as this may interfere with being able to charge your pump.

How do I properly charge my Fit for everyday use?

When low power is indicated (the last battery icon flickers), the pump will shut off after 10 seconds. Recharge your pump immediately, in order to improve the lifecycle of the battery.

How to store the Fit for an extended period of time

Fully recharge the battery before storing the pump for an extended period of time. To maintain the battery performance, recharge the pump every 3 months. Make sure to store the pump in a cool, dry place, avoiding areas of high humidity (like bathrooms and basements). Always avoid direct sunlight.

Battery recommendations

Your breast pump is just like any other electronic device, and if you find no icons on the display, it's possible the battery is going through a wake-up period which might last for 15-20 minutes. This is especially true when using for the first time or recharging after long term storage. However, if after 20 minute the non-display continues, please disconnect the power and contact our customer support for help.