1. Insert the duckbill valve on to the pump body

2. Attach breast shield to the pump body

3. Insert diaphragm into pump body

4. Secure the diaphragm cover onto the pump body. Make sure it is firmly attached. 

5. Screw the bottle into the pump body

6. Connect tube to the diaphragm cover

7. Insert the charging cable into the socket and plug the USB connector into the AC Adapter

8. Insert the tube connector and tube into the port

9. When using the dock switch in single mode, slide the side selector key to the right or left side of the tubing dock. To use both sides at once, set the key to the middle position. 

10. When the session is over, store your breast milk in the refrigerator. All components should be cleaned before and after each use. Remember to keep electric parts dry. ‹›

How To Assemble Video

Always wash your hands before using your pump. Make sure all parts are clean before use.

Place the switch to the left to only pump on your left breast. 

Place the switch in the middle to double pump.

Place the switch to the right to only pump on your right breast.