General Pumping Questions

When to start pumping is a personal decision that can be dependent on a wide range of factors. The most common (and equally important) reasons are:

-If your baby is born prematurely or experiencing health issues.

-If your baby is not gaining enough weight.

-If mom has to go back to work.

-If caregivers are feeding your baby.

Breastfeeding is a long journey and usually takes time and practice to get it right for you and your baby.

When away from your baby or if you exclusively pump your milk, try to pump as often as your baby is drinking breast milk. This will help signal your body to keep making the amount of milk your baby needs. This amount may differ from baby to baby and can change as babies grow. For example, if your baby takes three bottles while you’re at work, pump three times when you’re out of the house.

If you are not expressing enough milk, you may need to take more time during your pumping session. Most pumpers need at least 15 to 20 minutes to fully drain their breasts, and some even need up to 40 minutes.

When storing breast milk, always use containers that are approved for storage of human breast milk. Our Zomee storage bottles and storage bags provide a secure seal and are BPA free. You can also use clean glass or other hard BPA-free plastic bottles with tight-fitting lids.

After pumping, you can:

-Keep freshly pumped breast milk at room temperature (up to 77 degrees) for up to 4 hours

-Safely refrigerate freshly pumped breast milk for up to 4 days

-Store freshly pumped breast milk in the freezer for 6 months (12 months is acceptable)

Please remember to never refreeze your breast milk after it has been thawed. Any breast milk leftover in a bottle from a previous feeding should be used within 2 hours.

All Zomee breast pump parts and accessories that come into contact with breast milk, are made without BPA and are instead made with the highest quality, durable food-grade plastic. Let’s talk science - BPA, or Bisphenol A, is used in some hard, clear plastics. Phthalates are used to make soft and flexible plastics and some food packaging. The BPA Free label ensures that Zomee pump parts and accessories are 100% safe for mom and baby.

We encourage you to wipe down your Zomee pump motor with a clean paper towel or soft cloth after pumping as part of your regular maintenance routine. The motor is an electrical unit and should never be put into water or any other liquids for cleaning. It also should never be cleaned in a steam sterilizer, dishwasher, or microwave.

If you can, having extra pump parts available will cut down on cleaning time. Remember that harmful germs can grow on breast milk residue, so it is extremely important to use properly cleaned parts with every pumping session. Any pump parts that come into contact with your breast milk must be cleaned, every single time.

No, Zomee Double Electric Breast pumps are designed for a single user.

Pump Troubleshooting Questions

If you’re only having trouble with one side of your pump, always check first if your breast shield kit is assembled properly. It is easy for busy moms to forget to use or misplace a pump part. If everything is assembled correctly, try replacing the duckbill valves as they lose shape due to normal wear and tear. This part is essential to strong suction and will need to be changed regularly throughout the lifetime of your breast pump. Also remember that you will feel less suction strength when double pumping versus single side pumping.

The most common cause for a sudden loss of suction is needing to replace worn out or damaged pump parts. We strongly recommend replacing the duckbill valves regularly. If you see the diaphragms moving, but are not expressing any milk while pumping, then the likely reason is that you are using the incorrect breast shield size for your body. Please take a look at our guide to finding your correct breast shield size on [page/tab name]. Missing or worn-out parts, like membranes, valves, and diaphragms, can dramatically affect your pump's suction and overall performance.

If your pump sounds like it is “working harder” or is louder than usual, then you might be using wet, damaged, or worn-out pump parts. Proper assembly of the breast shield kit, as well as maintaining parts can affect how hard your pump motor must work. Also, keep in mind how important it is to thoroughly dry all the parts you clean before every pumping session. When pump parts have any moisture in them, the performance of your breast pump can be impacted.

Zomee breast shield kits all have anti-backflow technology, preventing any milk from flowing backwards into the tubing and the pump motor. If milk enters the tubing, it is because the breast shield kit has not been assembled correctly.

We suggest inspecting your pump parts after every cleaning as part of your maintenance routine. You should never wash and/or clean your pumps tubing, due to Zomee’s anti-backflow technology. If you do find dirty milk in any of your tubings, immediately wash with warm soap and water, followed by rinsing with clear water. After air-drying thoroughly, assemble your breast shield kit and pump as you normally would. If tubing (or any other breast pump part) has become moldy, discontinue use, and replace it straight away. If your pump motor was damaged by milk or water that was in your tubing, please contact our customer support team to help you further.

If your pump is plugged in using a Zomee charging cable and AC adapter but there is no indication on the screen that it’s charging, you may be using a faulty outlet. It is also helpful to keep in mind that we do not recommend leaving your breast pump charging for extended periods of time as this can damage the life of the battery. If neither is the case, then please visit our warranty page to submit a claim request to see if you are qualified for a replacement Zomee breast pump. Remember that our warranty has a coverage period for manufacturer defects of the pump motor only for up to 1-year for the Z1 and up to 2-years for the Z2.

The safety of your baby is the most important thing on every mom’s mind. To ensure you are feeding your baby the cleanest and freshest breast milk, we encourage replacing parts on a routine basis for a healthy and safe pumping experience. The breast shield kit parts are made from durable and non-toxic materials, but at the same time require careful handling and maintenance. Regular usage causes wear and tear on your pump parts and they will have to be replaced every so often (some more than others) throughout the lifetime of your pump. Depending on the frequency that you pump and the certain cleaning methods that you use can cause parts to deteriorate faster.

Insurance, HSA, FSA

Under the Affordable Care Act, most health insurance plans cover the cost of a breast pump. This law applies to Marketplace, Medicaid and Private health insurance plans. Contact your health care provider to see if your plan covers a Zomee breast pump or check here. 

Yes, you can! Each state runs their own Medicaid plan, therefore different states have different rules. If your state’s Medicaid program doesn’t cover breast pumps, reach out to your local WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) to see if they can provide one through the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Program) benefit.

Yes, you can get your Zomee pumping essentials using your FSA or HSA benefits. Check with your provider or employer to see if you have a spending debit card or need to submit receipts or documentation for reimbursement.

Warranty and Returns

If you are not satisfied with your Zomee purchase, please contact our customer support to see if you qualify for a refund. Because of the delicate nature of breast pumps, parts, and accessories – we cannot accept returns of used items. Once received, if we determine that the items are in their original packaging and unused, then we may issue a refund for the purchase amount. This is at our discretion and refunds will not include shipping costs.

Our warranty does not cover breast pump parts and accessories, only the breast pump motor. If you are still within the time period that your pump's model warranty covers, please submit a claim ticket.

· The Z1 has a 1-year manufacturer warranty and the Z2 has a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

· When submitting a warranty claim ticket, proof of purchase must be provided. This can be in the form of a receipt, invoice, or email.

· Your Zomee breast pump is intended for a single user, and only the original owner qualifies for our warranty program.

· Zomee’s warranty program does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, normal wear and tear, unauthorized repairs, or failure to follow written instructions for use.