How to Operate Your Zomee

Turning on the Zomee breast pump

Just push the ON/OFF button in your pump.

Your pump will always start in Massage Mode.

Switching between Expression Mode and Massage Mode

Switching modes is very easy in your Zomee Pump. Just press the Mode Selector Button and the pump will change modes. The mode indicator will tell you what mode is currently selected.

Remember that your pump will always start in Massage Mode.

Massage Mode

Massage mode is a setting on your Zomee breast pump that mimics the fast suckling that a baby does to stimulate your milk-flow (letdown).

There are 5 different levels of massage mode.We invite you to try them all and select the one that stimulates you best.

When the letdown is achieved in massage mode, switch to expression mode where you can get a slower, more intense suction. This mimics the slow, steady suck-and swallow pattern that your baby will do when feeding. If the milk-flow slows down, you can switch back to massage mode to stimulate another let-down.

Please keep in mind that suction in massage mode is lower than in expression mode.

Expression Mode

You can switch to expression mode once you see your milk starts flowing.

Your Zomee Pump features 9 different Expression levels

You can increase / decrease suction if you feel the need to. Remember that you don't need to use the highest suction to get more milk. Use the level that is most comfortable for you.

There's no right or wrong here. It's all about personal preference.

Running Your Zomee on Battery

One of the great features of your Zomee pump, is that you can run it using its internal battery.

Your Zomee pump will charge the battery when is connected to an external power source (ac adapter, computer, USB port in a car etc.)

To increase your battery life, use the Zomee charger when possible.

To run your Zomee pump on battery just disconnect the AC cable and turn it on.If you disconnect your Zomee pump while it's in use, it will switch instantly to Battery mode. As long your battery is charged, you won't even notice.

Please disconnect the AC cable when the battery is fully charged. This will increase your battery life!

Using an External Power Source for Your Zomee

Just connect the AC cable to the pump.

The pump will charge the battery when connected to an external power source and is turned off.

Keep in mind that the suction will be slightly higher when connected to the Zomee AC Adapter, than when connected to a USB port.