When to Replace your Pump Parts

When to Replace your Pump Parts.

Did you know you need replace certain parts of your pump overtime?
It’s ok if you did not know this but hey now you know!
Think about it your pump parts loose elasticity each time they are used and washed. Breast pump parts that are worn out can be a cause to low milk supply or poor pump perform. Like said before pump parts over time have normal wear and tear on them which then decreases pump suction yielding to less milk removal.
Here is a general guide of what parts you need to replace when to do it. Remember these are recommendations and can vary based on how often you use your pump.
The Duckbill Valve (white valve)
-To be replaced every 3 months
-If used frequently 3+ pumps per day replacing every 3-4 weeks
-Monitor the valves for gaps or loosely fitting
-Replace as needed
-Monitor your air tubes for any cracks or debris
-Remember: The tubing does not need to be sterilized or dipped into water — only use a wipe over the tubing
-Replace every 6 months
-3+ pumps every 3 months
-Monitor for cracks or tearing or discoloration
-Replace as needed
-Please always refer to your manual for replacement recommendations as well.

By Danielle Donovan RN, BSN, IBCLC


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