Zomee Breast Pump Cleaning Wipes (40ct)

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Effortless Rinse-Free Cleaning

Introducing Zomee's Breast Pump Cleaning Wipes, your ultimate ally in keeping breast pump accessories immaculate and ready for use. These hygienic wipes effortlessly remove breast milk residue without the need for rinsing, making them ideal for those quick clean-ups. Whether it's nursing mothers on-the-go or a busy day at home, the compact, individually packaged design makes these portable wipes a must-have in your pump bag, work desk or your favorite pumping area.

Safety Meets Convenience

Zomee ensures safety at its finest, neutral cleaning wipes. Equipped with food-grade ingredients, they're free from harsh chemicals, bleach, and alcohol. These cleaning marvels can extend their use beyond breast shields, valves, and membranes. Mothers can also utilize them to clean baby's hand & mouth, pacifier, toys, tables, chairs, and cribs. For Zomee, every accessory and space where your baby dwells is a temple of cleanliness.

A Spray of Freshness Without the Scent

Meet the mighty solution to your cleaning needs, enclosed in a packet of Zomee's Breast Pump Cleaning Wipes. The wipes are a good fusion of efficiency and convenience, easily tackling breast milk residues, ensuring a clean pump, and a happy baby. Even without the common scent, alcohol, and bleach, these engineered wipes give a quality spray of freshness capable of bringing back your accessories and baby's space to their pristine and hygienic state. Indeed, a travel-friendly cleaning companion for mothers on the road.

  • Removes milk residue
  • Portable, ideal for quick clean-up
  • Cleans breast shields, valves & membranes
  • Unscented, alcohol & bleach free

In the Box

  • (1) Box Zomee Breast Pump Cleaning Wipes
  • (40) Individually Wrapped Wipes

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