Silicone Hands-Free Collection Cups

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Silicone Hands Free Collection Cups - Includes Free Nipple Ruler - Zomee Breast Pumps
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Zomee Silicone Inserts (Set of 2) - Zomee Breast Pumps

The Zomee silicone hands-free collection cups are a convenient and comfortable way to pump milk. The soft silicone breast shields provide maximum comfort, and the leak-proof design means you can pump without worry. The cups are also easy to clean and assemble.

To use the cups, simply attach them to your breast pump tubing and start pumping. The cups will collect the milk in a bottle or bag, so you can easily store it for later.

The Zomee silicone hands-free collection cups are a great option for moms who want to pump milk hands-free. They are comfortable, leak-proof, and easy to use.

The Zomee Silicone HFC Inserts are a great way to make your Zomee hands-free breast pump even more comfortable and effective. These inserts come in a variety of sizes to fit most nipples, and they help to create a more secure seal, which can help to reduce leaks and discomfort. They are also made of soft, flexible silicone, which makes them gentle on the skin.

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