1. Insert the duckbill valve on to the pump body

2. Attach breast shield to the pump body

3. Insert diaphragm into pump body

4. Secure the diaphragm cover onto the pump body. Make sure it is firmly attached. 

5. Screw the bottle into the pump body

6. Connect tube to the diaphragm cover

7. Single PumpAttach the tube from the breast shield to the open port in the pump motor. The second port should be covered with the silicone plug. Double Pump Attach both tubes to the ports on the pump motor. The silicone plug must be removed to access the second port

8. Connect the charging cable to the Micro USB port on the pump motor. Connect the cable to the AC Adapter, computer or power bank. 

9. After pumping, immediately use fresh breast milk and/or store in refrigerator or freezer.

How To Assemble Video

Always wash your hands before using your pump. Make sure all parts are clean before use.