Quick Start Guide

The Zomee Z2 is easy to assemble and use. Just follow three steps and you can quickly start pumping. 

1st. Step

Assembling your Zomee Breast Shield Kit

Properly assembling your shield kit is essential to get the ideal performance while pumping.

Improperly assembled shield kits, not only fail to generate an adequate suction level, they can reduce the pump motor life.

Your Zomee breast pump comes with two shield kits including valves, breast-shields, tubing, and bottles. Here’s how it is assembled.

Installing the Duckbill Valve

Zomee Duckbills Valves are easy to install, just insert them into the breast shield body body. To remove pull the small nub on the valve. 

2nd. Step

Attach the breast shield kits to the pump

The Zomee Z2 is extremely easy to assemble as there is no need for additional adapters or parts to single or double pump.

Single pump setting 

Attach the tube to the breast shield kit and to the open port on the Zomee Z2.

The silicone cap should be covering the second port when is not in use.

Double pump setting

Remove the silicone cap and attach the second breast Shiel kit.

3rd. Step

Connect to a power source / charge 

The Zomee Z2 Operates on its internal rechargeable battery, or  connected to a power source.

Micro-USB Power Cable

Use the included micro-USB power cable to connect the Zomee Z2 to an AC Adapter, computer or portable power bank. 

The Zomee Z2 will charge the battery when connected to an external power source and is turned off.

Now your Zomee Z2 is ready to pump! 

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