Assembling Your Zomee

Assembling your Zomee Breast Shield Kit

Properly assembling your shield kit is essential to get the ideal performance while pumping.

Improperly assembled shield kits, not only fail to generate an adequate suction level, this may reduce the pump motor life.

Your Zomee breast pump comes with two shield kits including valves, breast-shields, tubing, and bottles. Here’s how it is assembled.

Connect all parts and make sure they fit tightly

Assembled Breast Shield Kit

Assembling the Valve & Membrane

Ensure that the small disk on the underside of the membrane is inserted into the small half-circle hole in the valve. (If you look closely, the nub is half-circle shaped.)

When properly assembled, all of the holes in the valve are covered by the membrane, and the membrane lays flat against the valve.

Using the Duckbill Valve

Duckbill valves are also available for your Zomee Breast Pump.

Zomee Duckbills Valves are easy to install, just insert them into the breast shield body. To remove pull the small nub on the valve. 

Connecting the Tubes & Tubing Dock Switch

After you assembled your Zomee breast shields, you must connect them to the pump using the provided tubes. The shorter tubes connect to the breast shield kits. Then the tubes connect to the tubing dock (connector switch). It is important to understand how the connector switch works.

Switching between single and double pumping

You can easily select a side for single pump, or put the switch to the middle position to use your Zomee in double pumping mode.

Just attach the 14" tubes to one side for single pumping or both sides for double pumping.

Double Pump Mode

Make sure you attach the air tubes for both breast shield kits (14" tube)  and attach the 26" tube to the Zomee motor base.

The tubing dock switch must be in the middle position.

Single Pump Mode

Just attach the 14" tube from the breast shield kit to one of the sides.

The tubing dock switch must match the side attached to the tube.

Common Mistakes

Mistakes assembling the Breast Shield Kit and using the tubing dock are the principal cause of your Zomee not delivering any suction. Please check the following common mistakes.

Always check that the side selector is in the right position

If you don't match the side selector switch to the flange used, the pump is not going to provide any suction.

Make sure that the tubes are fully inserted

If you experience low/no suction with your Zomee always check all the connections.