• Perfect for the mom to go
  • 1 - 2 Year warranty
  • Hospital-grade strength
  • BPA and Phthalate Free
About Our Pumps
Zomee double electric pumps are twice as nice, with the option for single and double expression. Double pumping is not only faster, but it is more efficient at generating milk output. Compared to single pumping, double pumping results in 18% more milk volume being produced over a 15-minute pumping duration. Also, because double pumping is more efficient, it leads to better – drained breasts!
All Zomee breast pump parts and accessories that come into contact with breast milk, are made without BPA and are instead made with the highest quality, durable food-grade plastic. Let’s talk science - BPA, or Bisphenol A, is used in some hard, clear plastics. Phthalates are used to make soft and flexible plastics and some food packaging. The BPA Free label ensures that Zomee pump parts and accessories are 100% safe for mom and baby.

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Zomee Z2
Discover how our newest breast pump is designed with features to keep you pumping smarter. Powerful and compact, the Z2 delivers 3 different pumping styles: Stimulation, Expression, and 2-Phase modes. Now moms can further tailor their pumping sessions for comfort and ease. This is the only pump on the market with alternate mode technology.
Zomee Z1
The original Zomee double electric breast pump was created to make expressing breast milk as comfortable and easy as possible. The Z1 changed the pumping game with its rechargeable internal battery for the convenience of portability that busy moms need. Using updated technology, this pump delivers 5 stimulation mode cycle patterns and 9 expression mode levels.
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HFC and Z2 Bundle

Pumping just got better with our hand-free collection cups. Combine these cups with our newest breast pump and you can pump hands-free while on the go

Z2 Travel Bundle

The perfect solution for brand new moms. Now you can combine our innovative Z2 pump with a tote, cooler bag, and ice pack to complete your on-the-go pumping sessions.

Z1 Travel Bundle

Now you can combine our innovative Z1 pump with a tote, cooler bag, and ice pack to complete your on-the-go pumping sessions. This all-in-one kit offers must-have convenience and total portability.